How to do Makeup

Step by Step Instruction Here

Makeup Right Now

Apply Hi-Light to the V and Diamond areas of the face. Use matte hi-light, powders or cream to the interior of your face, which is under the eyes down along the sides of the nose, across the upper lip and under your mouth towards the chin. Also put some between the eyebrows and up towards the hair line, down the centre of the nose and on the eyes. This will bring attention to your eyes, lips and the centre of the face. When we have conversations with people this is where we want them to look; at the centre of our diamond.





#1- Look at the curve of your hairline in the temple area. Everyone’s face is the shape it should be. Follow the curve of the hair line.                                                                                                                           #2- Notice how the blush crosses over the contour on the cheeks and eyes.                                                                                                                                              #3- Unless you have a very large jaw and you want to minimize it do not bring the contour down too low. Hi-light the jaw area. Match your neck so you do not have a distinctive colour change.