PAMELA PARKER Pamela started doing makeup and dancing Hawaiian and Jazz on stage when she was 9 years old. At the young age of 13 Pamela decided she wanted to become a movie star. Since, M O V I E S T A R, was not in the Yellow Pages and modeling was, she became a model instead. Linda Speer of Covergirl Edmonton believed in Pam enough to send her to Detroit Michigan on a private jet sponsored by June Kerrison of Junes House of Fashion to enter the Wilhelmina modeling convention in 1977. Pamela won two of three categories and was invited by Willy to live and work in New York City.

After waiting one year in Toronto for immigration Pamela headed back to stay in Manhattan for the next nine years. With 100’s of fashion shows, photo shoots for magazines or the Times, and television appearances (including regular appearances on Saturday Morning Live, Regis & Kathy Lee and soaps like Another World) Parker became an important face in the industry. Being part of the Model brigade included going to Studio 54. 1985 John Robert Powers School in Manhattan asked Pamela to teach modeling and makeup application. During that time Parker also went to hair school at Robert Fiance and became a makeup artist under her business name, Lets Make-up.

pamela Parker Cosmetics

Pamela Parker Cosmetics

Some of Pamela Parkers Clients

Television, Film, Video and Production: Access Network, Aquila Productions\Don Metz, and A.B.C., New York Harriet Hockberg, Videotron, Jake and the Kid- Just Kidding Inc., N.B.C. New York, Applebox, C.B.C. T.V., Cowtown Productions, Chronos, C.F.R.N., CTV Calgary, Global TV,  Red Deer, Canadian Idol, The Idea Factory, Honey Productions, D.M.C.I., Real Time, 20\20 Video, Black Leopard,Gord Steinke  & Lynda Steele, Canada AM, A.R.D.(The German Network), Great North Production, Verb Productions, C.B.C., Vicom, C.T.V., National Screen Institute\Jan Miller, WIC, A Channel, City TV, I.T.V. Politicians: Prime Minister Harper, Mayor Bill Smith, Mayor Steven Mandel, Preston Manning, Pam Barrett, Ian McLennan, Jon Charest, Former Mayor Jan Reimer, Ann MacLaughlin. Actors and Singers: Pamela-Sue Martin, Larry Linville, Linda Blair, Kennedy Jensen, Dave Babcock, Danny Hooper, Joanna and Roselyn Petty, Mark Puffer, Rusty Reed, Mayfield Inn Dinner Theater, Citadel Haven Nagel, Anna Beaumont, Roberta Michelle, Martin Short, Gordon Pinsent, Societe Du Gala Albertain De La Chanson, Societe’ Chant’ Quest, Kevin Dabbs. Photography : Franklin Photographic, Steven Pilby, Kim’s Photography, Fred Kates, Zinger Studios, Jostens (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Hamilton), C W Hill Photography, Larry Carol, Don Hammond, Richard Seminars, Fraser Photography, Bob Bray, Brenda Bastel, Artistic Creations, Don Hammond, McMaster’s. T.V. and Radio: Carrie Doll, Valerie Pringle, Jim McKay, Lesley Visser, Lynda Steele, Bill Matheson, Gord Steinke, Lorraine Mansbridge, John Short, Darryl McIntyre, Tim Dancy, Brad Walker, Mike Kryton, Terry-Lynn Meyer, Claire Martin, Mike Sobel, Perry Solkowski, Doug Downs, Darren Dutchyshen, Andrea Engle, Jim Jorome, Rod Phillips, Chris Durham, Kathleen Brandon, Morley Scott, Janice Ryan, Wendy Koto, 630 C.H.E.D, Bob Layton, Brian Hall, Chris Burkholder, Gord Whitehead, K-97, Charley and Charlee, Ron Clark, Clay Hagel, Rod Black, Sandra Blackie, Jennifer Martin, Marshall Loeb (CBS), The BEAR. News Papers: The Edmonton Journal, The Edmonton Sun, Alberta Report, Published Article in Today’s Alberta Woman. Athletes: Don Cherry, Ron Mclean, Heritage Classic Hockey game, Tim Horton Brier, Stanley Cup Final NBC & CBC, Jamie Sale, David Pelletier, Kurt Browning, Elvis Stoyko, Peggy Flaming, Georges Laracque, Dave Semenko, Dave Cutler, Tracy Wilson, MacTavish, Barb Underwood, Master Min’s Olympic team for TaeKwon-Do Video, The World Figure Skating Championship 1997, The Gold Championship 1994, Danny Kepley, James Curry, Dick Buttons, Toller Cranston, THE EDMONTON OILERS, and Many More…

Pamela Parker Cosmetics\Let’s Makeup 

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  Pamela Parker- Makeup Artist, Photographer, Author, Singer, Actor, Wallflower Art Painter, Image Consultant, Mother